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TraceEventServiceOutOfBandEventInfo Error

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Jun 7, 2015 at 10:27 PM
I'm using Out-Of-Process to log my event sources to a file and database. I'm getting the following error on some event but I have no idea which one from the message and why. The process ID referred in the error message is the SemanticLogging-svc.exe process.

What's the point of logging this error in SLAB if you don't tell the offending event? by Id or name.
ProviderId : d1ed7ec7-5701-5554-2c5e-796dc42511c5
EventId : 811
Keywords : 4
Level : LogAlways
Message : Out of band event level LogAlways for provider d957eaa9-72d2-59a0-69c3-44210e8dc8fd on session xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Message:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Opcode : Info
Task : 64723
Version : 0
Payload : [sessionName :xxxxxxxxx] [providerId : d957eaa9-72d2-59a0-69c3-44210e8dc8fd] [eventLevel : LogAlways] [eventKeywords : None] [eventMessage : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
EventName : TraceEventServiceOutOfBandEventInfo
Timestamp : 2015-06-07T21:02:15.8817626Z
ProcessId : 1880
ThreadId : 11900
Also when I update some events or add new ones, they are not logged until something change, not sure what, is it a reboot, a version change, different keyword? Sometime a reboot works, sometime don't, sometime changing all version N to N+1 works, sometime it doesn't.

Is there a command somewhere that we can say UPDATE SCHEMA?