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ElasticSearch sink to Logstash

Currently ES sink is configured to send data to ES db directly. I would like to have the sink to send data to logstash for processing. So that, all the incoming events can be captured and renami...

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The schema of EventEntry was not updated using out-of-process

Hi every expert, I encounter a issue and post a question at Could someone can help me? Thanks,

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Logging Service Permissions Issue

I have installed the Semantic Logging Service as a service. It defaults to using the Local Service account. I have granted the necessary permissions to the Publishers entry in the registry as ins...

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Sematic Logging Out of Process Serive Error Codes

Hi, I am using sementic logging out of process service and trying to do Non-functional testing. Basically i was tring to generate error codes given in

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Partition Key Written by Azure Sink Sometimes Incorrect

When I run my application in the cloud the Azure sink seems to be writing partition keys correctly. However, when I run locally the partition keys written to my ATS tables are not consistent with t...

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Semantic Logging - RollingFlatFileSink - Real-Time Logging

We're currently using semantic logging and are able to both save to rolling flat files and a sql database. A difference we're seeing is that the sql sink inserts every x seconds while the rolling f...

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Object graph HasSelfValidation

It would be nice if HasSelfValidation walk the object graph. This can be done manually from the root object, which is fine for small graphs, but would be great if this would happen automatically o...

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Unable log for certain event ids in rollingfile and custom sink

I created a EventSource with events having ids 1021, 1031..... Created custom sink to log in EventLog and rollingfile sink . Events are not logging in both the sinks. For some eventids like 1011, ...

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EventSource Implenting interface breaks OOP

When an event source class implements a contract where the event methods are defined by the interface, out-of-process event sinks do not function properly. 811 event "An out-of-band event notific...

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Semantic Logging Custom sink logs multiple times Event entry

Hi Randy, I have created custom sink for logging into azure blob. This was giving issue. First time it write log one time in to blob second time it write log two time. .. .. n-th time it wri...

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