SLAB invites community contributions

What is SLAB?

Semantic Logging Application Block (SLAB) is designed by the patterns & practices team to help .NET developers move from the unstructured logging approach towards the strongly-typed (semantic) logging approach, making it easier to consume logging information, especially when there is a large volume of log data to be analyzed. When used out-of-process, the Semantic Logging Application Block uses Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), a fast, lightweight, strongly typed, extensible logging system that is built into the Windows operating system.
The Semantic Logging Application Block enables you to use the EventSource class and semantic log messages in your applications without moving away from the log formats you are familiar with (such as database, text file, Windows Azure table storage). Importantly, you do not need to commit to how you consume events when developing business logic; you have a unified application-specific API for logging and then you can decide later whether you want those events to go to ETW or alternative destinations.

How do I use SLAB?

Official releases are available via NuGet. You can also head to for additional information, documentation, videos, and hands-on labs.
If you want to try out the latest changes that have not been officially released yet, signed interim builds of the SLAB code base are available via gallery.

What is going on?

We use the Issue Tracker for updating the product backlog (both feature requests and bugs).

How do I contribute?

We welcome your contributions. Check out project and contribution guidelines.


[July 7, 2014] 2.0 released
[March 27, 2014] 1.1 released - now supporting activity tracing and Elasticsearch sink

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